Sunday, 4 May 2008


Compile lists – making lists appeals to some, and not to others.

Lists I like making, and why:
· To-do lists: make me feel organised and awake
· Top ten lists: apples are better than oranges
· Wish lists: writing them down brings them to life
· Shopping lists: or I forget all the boring groceries like loo roll

Some ideas for lists to make:
· Top ten sandwich fillings
· Words I want to use more often
· Books to lend out, and to whom
· The last five times my heart skipped a beat
· My Top Ten T-Shirts
· Things I want to know more about
· The best haircuts in movies

Transpose literary forms – take a short story, paragraph, or newspaper article and re-write it as a limerick, in couplets, in sonnets, a series of haiku, in rhyme, in a particular meter.

Make a Celebrity Dartboard – by choosing twenty-one disliked famous people, and putting their faces behind the numbers one to twenty and the bullseye of a hypothetical dartboard. Assigning the numbers grades their rubbish-ness.

Make and play a xylophone using bottles with different water levels

Listen to Radio 4 – with a cup of tea

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