Friday, 2 May 2008

The Plug

The Plug - started life as a printed zine, and has evolved into the webzine that you’ll find at the link. A typical ‘issue’ documents the writer’s forays into some things that I’d like to do, and some that I’d never dare to do. Some of the things are both, and some are neither. As with LTLYM, the full details of the activities are on the (beautifully designed) website, so this is just a taster.

Certificate of Awesomeness – make and give out certificates to everyday folks that celebrate their proficiency in going about their everyday activities, and make their day.

Tiny bumper stickers – a very small art attack.

What will go through the post unscathed? – Mr Plug sent some things through the post without envelopes. Is Royal Mail the same as the USPS? Which is pickier?

How long will a street obstacle survive? – Try to tempt passers by into doing something in the street. Mr Plug built a kickable stack of cans, and waited until someone kicked it.

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