Saturday, 3 May 2008

A note on record-keeping

LTLYM and The Plug place almost as much emphasis on documenting their activities as on doing them; the difference is that LTLYM collates many people’s interpretations of assignments, whereas The Plug is one group’s record. LTLYM assignments occasionally specify sizes, formats and colours so as to impart cohesion across the responses of the many participants. The Plug website looks great, in my opinion.

I think making a record of how you get on with one or more of the tasks could be fun, but the tasks ought to be fun in themselves, and simply remembering what you did and how it felt at the time is enough of a record.

I like the idea of basing a series of things around a theme or a place, like Plug Issue 28, whose activities take place around one road junction. Even then documenting a series isn’t as important as knowing that you’re making a series.

And what if you did want to document your exploits? Well, that’d be fun too, I think.

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